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Our favorite places to work in Romania

Our favorite places to work in Romania

At Transcenda “work where you work best” has become our guiding principle when it comes to work locations.

We recognize the benefits of work-life balance, improved performance, and the engagement that remote work brings to our team members. We have asked our colleagues in Romania to share their thoughts around remote work and their favorite work locations within Romania.

Silviu Statie

Product Manager, Bucharest

Back in 2018 a lot of local companies were experimenting with remote work. It didn’t make much sense to live in the city and still spend hours commuting, so my wife and I decided to move somewhere quieter and build our house from scratch.

We had a construction company that did all of the work, but the planning part was equally exciting and difficult. The house turned out exactly how we wanted—and now it’s my favorite place to work, specifically the terrace you see in the picture.

It has a nice view, especially at sunset. After years of living in the city, I very much enjoy the nature that surrounds my house. I love the slow pace and peacefulness that comes with it. The time I shifted to remote work was a turning point in my life. I reprioritized a few things and started a family. Now I am thankful for the opportunity to have more time with my wife and see my son grow.

Oliviu Pis

React Native Engineer, Timișoara

Quite simply, my favorite working location is at home. My apartment is located on the fourth floor and I enjoy living here because of the amazing view. I particularly like the mix of nature and the city: light wind, birds chirping, distant voices, and the sound of muffled traffic create a calm atmosphere that stimulates my creativity.

What I love most about remote work is that I have the freedom to not be linked to a place, but to be creative with location, have fun, and be more productive in my work.

Tudorel Maciuca

Lead Full-Stack PHP Engineer, Bucharest

QI feel the most productive at home because I can manage my time based on personal preferences. I can wake up at 7 AM, do my morning routine, and then just move straight to my work, skipping the commute and not waiting for certain places to open. I also have a one-year-old daughter, and I am grateful to have more quality time with her. I know for sure that it would be harder to achieve if I had to commute every day.

I also utilize coworking spaces near my house, and my favorite is Unirii. Places like this allow me to connect with like-minded people. Sometimes I can work from a cafe, though it’s not my favorite option—usually, it’s too noisy and distracting. It’s my choice for situations when I have to combine work with my plans in the city.

In general, I work from home, but alternate with the other locations a few times per week.

Eusebio-Calin Cotet

Front-End Engineer, Cluj-Napoca

I usually work from home, but my favorite working location would be Cluj-Napoca Central Park. You can guess from the name that this place is hard to miss. It’s quite popular and can be busy, but there is still enough space to find a quiet spot and sit on a bench or grass. In Cluj, we have free Wi-Fi spots around the city and you can work from pretty much any place here. I like working remotely because it gives me the flexibility to switch locations, skip commutes, and have more time for myself.

The park is not a place you’d work from every day all year round, but I love to go there once in a while. As more convenient options, ClujHub and Stables would be the coworking spaces of my choice.

David Silaghi

Python Engineer, Oradea

My favorite working spot is Salca Park located in my neighborhood. I like the modern architecture that surrounds it. The park feels different and, for me, much better than most. It is fairly new with young trees, lots of open space, modern restaurants, and a thermal water pond with lotuses.

What I like about remote work is that it removes commuting. As such, it’s more practical time-wise as well as less tiring. It’s also most convenient because I am not geographically limited, and I can move wherever I want without worrying about it.

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