Great people can do great things together. We look for bright minds who care about making the world a better place and value a culture of authenticity, openness and equality. Join us in building a brighter future.

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We believe everyone deserves fair treatment all the time—no exceptions and no excuses. If you’re looking for a dynamic and fun environment—and the opportunity for unparalleled growth—join us!

Building a brighter future

We are on a mission to make more than products or create services. We strive to impact society, the environment, the economy and social change. We believe in doing the right thing and finding ways to give back to society and the local communities where our team members are based.

Embrace and promote diversity and inclusion

We respect and promote diversity in all facets. We appreciate differences, and ensure all voices are heard and respected.

Always finding a better way

We embody the "Good enough is never good enough" approach. We practice the "What can I improve?" approach, even if we are extremely happy about the delivered results.

Keep it fun

Work isn’t work if it’s not also fun and fulfilling. We proactively engage in various fun activities and strive to have a friendly tone and positive approach to our interactions.

Ownership attitude

We embrace an ownership attitude in our work. We act on behalf of the entire team or even the company. Before executing, we identify the purpose of tasks and ask "Why?" whenever necessary. We understand the big picture and find out crucial details and root causes of the issues at hand. We take responsibility for the final results even if some tasks are outside our work scope. We act proactively when something goes wrong. We keep promises and deliver results, using "We" in accomplishments and "Me" in commitments and responsibilities.

Customers first

We're only successful if our clients are, which drives everything we do. We practice a proactive approach while working with customers, and go above and beyond to empathize and understand customer pain points and solutions.

Our team believes in having fun while challenging you to do your best and working toward a common goal.
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Our benefits

Work from anywhere

We believe each person should work where they work best—whether at home, coworking or surrounded by nature. As long as you’re located within the country in which you were hired, we allow our team members to work wherever is best suited to their needs.

Competitive compensation

We offer competitive compensation along with annual compensation reviews.

Accelerated career growth

Working for a rapidly growing organization can allow rapid career progression. We provide the opportunity to explore management opportunities or to progress as a technical expert.

Bonus opportunities

Transcenda has numerous bonus programs, including opportunities to earn extra through employee referrals, line management and sales referrals.

Rewards program

We believe in celebrating the special moments. From receiving a gift prior to your first day to holiday, birthday gifts—and gifts celebrating other special occasions—we like to show our team we care and that they are appreciated.

Give back

Transcenda is founded on the core value of people first and we take pride in giving back to our local communities. In joining Transcenda, you’ll have the opportunity to help advance our social agenda, Transcenda Gives, through a variety of charitable initiatives.

Join us

Transcenda has a diverse team of over 200 experts, including engineers, designers, analysts and advisors. Together, we tackle intricate business challenges by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Harnessing the power of diverse cultures and perspectives, we fearlessly take calculated risks to craft innovative solutions that promise a brighter future.

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