What we do

We offer full lifecycle product development with a focus on delivering business outcomes.


Our agile delivery teams take a modern approach ensuring on-time, on-budget delivery of world-class, scalable software solutions.
Mobile experiences for the modern user. We help navigate a complicated ecosystem of mobile platforms and services, consulting our clients on the best approaches to build scalable and robust mobile applications. There are so many considerations when it comes to mobile, and we act as a trusted advisor to our clients.
Ship the software for your clients in the most efficient and flexible way. We’re focused on building high-performing, responsive, and scalable web apps for our clients, following world-class engineering practices. We can help you make the right architectural and technological decisions while educating you on the pros and cons of various approaches, and then build your solution according to industry best practices.
Data is the oil fueling the digital age. With experience in both machine learning and data science, we can help you determine how to best utilize your data, develop proof of concepts to prove hypotheses and build full-scale production solutions.
Enabling transformation through innovative applications of cloud solutions and DevOps best practices. We have extensive experience designing system architecture as well as deploying and maintaining cloud software. We use the power of continuous delivery to streamline software development so user requirements can quickly make it into application production, while the cloud offers automated provisioning and scaling to accommodate application changes.
The difference between good and great. By implementing and adhering to the most modern QA practices and leveraging modern test automation tools, we’re able to shorten the development lifecycle, help our clients reduce time to market and ensure the highest quality and reliability of the solution.

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We provide expert guidance to identify areas of operational inefficiency  and find new, innovative solutions and opportunities to improve existing products.
We help assess the technical capabilities, risks and opportunities within our clients and their potential acquisition targets. We conduct a comprehensive review of the technology stack, software architecture, infrastructure, security, scalability and compliance. Our assessment helps identify any potential technical issues that could impact the success, such as technical debt, outdated technology or security vulnerabilities. We can help investors make informed decisions about the investment and provide insights into how to mitigate any risks or improve the technology.
We help merge engineering practices and culture post-acquisition. We begin with a thorough assessment of the engineering practices and culture of both companies. This includes identifying any differences in tools, processes, methodologies and workflows. Once the assessment is complete, we develop a plan for merging the two sets of practices and cultures. The result is a strong foundation for innovation and growth.
With a focus on the endgame, we create a pragmatic roadmap. We help identify all potential product features to ensure the most impactful ones are prioritized. Additionally, we help plan a detailed roadmap for implementation including architecture, timelines and resourcing plans.
Validate and test your strategy before building new solutions. We help our clients by conducting user interviews, focus groups and extensive market analysis. We’re able to infer unique insights from that research and test or prototype different strategies to validate market feedback.

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