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Whitepaper: selecting the right technology stack for mobile development


Delivering the experience mobile users expect is a balancing act, involving considerations of the relative performance characteristics of different technology stacks and approaches to development, along with their associated learning curves and costs.

Connecting with and sustaining the interest of mobile users can be challenging, in large part because they have exceptional expectations for how the apps they use look, feel and perform.

A Think With Google study found even a one-second delay in mobile loading times reduced conversions by 20%, while negative mobile experiences decreased future purchase intent by 62%.

Fortunately, there are multiple viable options available, covering a wide range of budgets, development team capabilities and business requirements.

Determining if native, native cross-platform, hybrid, progressive web app (PWA) or responsive mobile website development is the best fit for your circumstance can be a challenge.

In this whitepaper, we’ll explore the various options available for mobile development and the pros and cons of each.

The following table offers a high-level overview of how the main options stack up across key criteria including performance and overall cost:

Selecting the Right Technology Stack for Mobile Development

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