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Redefining and implementing the user experience of a complex enterprise web application.


CentricPLM is a product lifecycle management (PLM) platform that provides tools for comprehensive product management managing the entire product lifecycle, from concept to retirement. The platform offers a wide range of functionalities for product development, sourcing, quality management and supply chain collaboration.
The cloud-based CentricPLM solution offers real-time collaboration and visibility across all departments, enabling seamless communication between all teams and stakeholders involved in product development. It is designed to support different industries such as apparel, footwear, consumer goods and retail.

Key features of Centric include product data management, design and development management, costing and profitability analysis, supplier collaboration, quality management and compliance tracking. It also offers advanced analytics and reporting tools that provide actionable insights into the product development process.

Overall, CentricPLM platform aims to improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with product development by streamlining processes, increasing collaboration and providing a single source of truth for product information.

What we did

User interviews

Usability testing

Ideation and rapid prototyping of several concepts

Custom view solution definition

Takeaways & results

Transcenda and Centric Software together tackled the challenge of enhancing and simplifying the user experience. Together we have ideated, defined and tested a new user experience which will be moving into production.
Centric Software has a robust solution (CentricPLM) that serves data to many different users in a variety of roles. With the breadth and depth it offers, it takes users time to unlock all of the features and functionalities, as each user of the platform has different needs and desires. A designer may be interested in information related to new design ideation, sketches, materials and test materials. A merchandiser will be working on developing product line strategies, analyzing product costs and setting pricing strategies to ensure products are priced appropriately to meet revenue goals.

While the platform allows for view customization to enhance the experience for each role, the solution's goal was to help users to locate  the data points they need faster by offering the ability to set up custom views and key workspaces more efficiently, and also leverage relevant data that other personas (i.e., cohort learning) use for the similar use cases.
Enhanced user experience, faster data access for different roles
Reduced access time, faster decision-making and execution
Customizable views and workspaces for personalized experiences
Relevant data leverage, better decision-making efficiency
Increased productivity and satisfaction through more efficient processes

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