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Founded in 2005, Savant is the market leader in smart-home and connected home solutions. With a suite of products and integrated solutions for both high-end homes and DIY consumers, Savant is known for offering outstanding user experience and product reliability. Transcenda has been Savant's partner for several years, helping on a variety of projects.
In 2020, Savant acquired GE Lighting, further expanding its global footprint. Savant has further expanded into power and energy, offering a suite of cutting-edge innovative products for the sector.

Savant's acquisition of GE Lighting involved ambitious goals, centered around updating and releasing the Cync application within a set timeline. This meant they needed to quickly scale their design and engineering capacity. Having extensive experience in IoT mobile development, Transcenda was well-positioned to help Savant achieve its goals.

What we did

Native Android app

Native iOS app

Project management

Quality assurance

Release management

Extensive integrations

UX/UI and animations design
“Transcenda has some of the best engineering talent I have had the opportunity to work with and they take a consultative approach in their work holding themselves accountable for the end results. Over the years, we’ve had some critical milestones to achieve and Transcenda has delivered on time and with excellent quality. They act as a true partner, care about our business, and are collaborative. Whether it be QA, Engineering, or Transcenda’s leadership team - I feel that everyone I work with cares about the success of our business and the products they help us build.”
Tim Locascio
VP of Engineering

Takeaways & results

After acquiring GE Lighting, the Savant, GE and Transcenda engineering teams needed to integrate while aligning on best practices and processes.
The mobile app had reliability issues and a poor rating in the app store. There was a tight timeline to redesign the app from scratch, add additional features, improve reliability, and launch within eight months. There was no room for slippage or failure as all of the marketing commitments were already made, along with commitments to big-box retail stores.

Savant with support from Transcenda successfully launched the updated app on time and on budget. The revamped solution was a commercial success shortly after launch.
Improved the app rating in app stores from less than 2 stars to over 4.4 stars
Increased reliability leading to a better user experience
An enriched feature set and new features that captured greater market share
Additional device integration ensuring competitive advantage

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