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Founded in 2005, Savant is the market leader in smart-home and connected home solutions. With a suite of products and integrated solutions for both high-end homes and DIY consumers, Savant is known for offering outstanding user experience and product reliability.
Savant began with a focus on the high-end smart-home space, and serves this market with its Savant Pro product line. Design, reliability and an innovative feature set differentiate Savant Pro from its competitors.

When serving a market segment that can afford the latest and greatest, there is a consistent need to stay ahead of the competition by delivering new and exciting capabilities while ensuring reliability never wavers. While Savant has a strong engineering team, partnering with Transcenda’s experts enabled them to accelerate their product roadmap for the Pro App.

What we did

Native iOS app

Native Android app

Manual and automation QA

Project and product management


React native

New feature development
“Transcenda has some of the best engineering talent I have had the opportunity to work with and they take a consultative approach in their work holding themselves accountable for the end results. Over the years, we’ve had some critical milestones to achieve and Transcenda has delivered on time and with excellent quality. They act as a true partner, care about our business, and are collaborative. Whether it be QA, Engineering, or Transcenda’s leadership team - I feel that everyone I work with cares about the success of our business and the products they help us build.”
Tim Locascio
VP of Engineering

Takeaways & results

Transcenda helped Savant develop and enhance its mobile apps (phone and tablet) that allow consumers to control their homes.
Savant Pro enables control of lighting, climate, entertainment and security—all from a single app. Transcenda supported new feature design and engineering while ensuring strong reliability and flawless user experience. Some of the new features include scenes management, intercom and energy management.

Scenes management allows a homeowner to create different scenes for different occasions. An example of this would be "vacation mode," whereby the home automatically adjusts all features and integrated devices to align with the homeowner's vacation mode settings. This includes lighting, temperature and blinds, among other features. Scenes allow homeowners to customize their preferences and settings for different occasions.
Increased market share through new feature enhancements
Improved user experience
Improved reliability
Differentiation from competition

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