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Located in Toronto and founded in 2009, ThoughtWire is a leader in orchestrating data from people, processes and the physical built environment. ThoughtWire delivers smarter, safer and more efficient hospitals, commercial buildings and cities. Their innovative software applications put people first: Whether for clinicians, patients, office workers or first responders, ThoughtWire puts people in control.
As ThoughtWire has rapidly grown, they’ve faced the need to scale quickly and sought the ability to increase and decrease velocity within the design and engineering organization. As a solution to this challenge, ThoughtWire has partnered with Transcenda, utilizing Transcenda’s thought leadership and capabilities in mobile development and product design.

Through the partnership, Transcenda has become a trusted partner to ThoughtWire, helping accelerate progress to their product roadmap.

What we did

Experience and user interface design

User testing

Information architecture

Native iOS app

Native Android app

Quality assurance

Project management
“Transcenda helped us accelerate our engineering roadmap and took full end-to-end ownership of delivering quality results. Because of the success we achieved with Transcenda on the engineering side, we decided to expand the engagement to include design, which we’ve historically kept in-house. We’ve been thrilled with the results and working with Transcenda has given us the ability to scale quickly without compromising on quality.”
Jason O'Neill
Director of Product and Data, ThoughtWire

Takeaways & results

Considering the depth and breadth of the ThoughtWire offering—which entails allowing a completely digital and seamless experience for tenants in office buildings—it can be a challenge to ensure all features of the product offering are stable and user-friendly.

Together, Transcenda and ThoughtWire have developed and delivered a white-label mobile application, which unlocks the full potential of the ThoughtWire experience to the tenants of commercial real estate buildings. The solution is built in both iOS and Android and has a holistic, easy-to-use interface and experience.
Seamless user experience
Increased revenue and client base
Improved customer experience and satisfaction

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